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JAX CARE Patient Transport makes it easy for patients (adult or pediatric), their family members and caregivers to request non-emergency medical transportation in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala and Lake City, FL, including Orange Park, Ponte Vedra and most of Northeast Florida.

JAX CARE Patient Transport makes it easy for patients (adult or pediatric), their family members and caregivers to request non-emergency medical transportation in Jacksonville, FL, including Orange Park, Ponte Vedra and most of Northeast Florida. Our patient transportation answering service is open 24/7 and is the first choice for reliable, handicapped accessible, private non-emergency patient transportation. Plus, each patient receives a Guest Card with our phone number to call when they are 15 minutes before discharge or leaving a site – we’ll be waiting for you! Known for our great customer service, we are a trusted logistics resource to transport patients with great care and compassion:

  • in a patient wheelchair (pediatric transport wheelchair) up to 34” max
  • on a patient transport stretcher or patient transport gurney
  • or those needing ambulatory patient transport (cane or walker)

Our patient transport services include those to/from:

  • physician offices, office managers, referral coordinators
  • hospitals, discharge managers, emergency rooms
  • nursing homes, retirement homes, personal residences
  • rehab hospitals, rehab outpatient centers
  • commercial/private airplane patient transport to airport
  • international commercial/private airplane patient transport to airport
  • bus and train patient transport
  • long-distance patient transport (state-to-state or cross-country)
  • general/holiday transportation (especially for retirees/seniors)
  • medical appointments (ask about the new JTA plan for seniors)
  • regional special events, community activities or family gatherings
  • volunteer activities, shopping, hair appointments – where do you need to go?
Our difference is safety first – always
Our difference is safety first – always

Unlike depending on Uber Health, Lyft, cab or taxi transport, we offer personalized, affordable patient transport, including handicapped. Millennials love us – we transport grandparents to family holiday gatherings and baseball games. Each van has multiple GPS connections to our office monitor for constant communication. Our experienced drivers are well trained to deliver safe, comfortable ride and have rigorous safety training, including CPR. Seniors use us as their personalized, preferred ride, especially if they use a wheelchair, walker or cane. Out-of-town family or caregivers can rest assured their loved ones make important medical appointments on time. Plus, we’re growing. So, we are always interested in hiring new drivers who meet our stringent qualifications.

Great 5-star Experiences
Beyond Perfect. We are 87-year-old seniors and I cannot drive anymore. My wife had to have surgery so I called Jax Care. Spoke with Albert and he was so calm and had all the information that was needed. We set the date and time up for pick up which was 6:30 am, and I was quite nervous about it all. The day came and Jax Care was here at 6:00 am. The gentleman loaded her up and was just a super young man. I called the Hospital about the pick up I was told not to worry they knew about Jax Care and they would take care of everything. They did just that Jax Care brought her home on time and the driver was just a great gentleman also, he did not want to give Maddy back, he said she was such a nice lady. Maddy was treated like a princess going and coming home.

Brad Clayman

I used them for my mother, a discerning person. She was thrilled with the driver, his attention, aid to her, and everything about the ride. I’ll be using them again and letting my aging parents know about this great company.

Anonymous (Jax., FL)

Just want to say Thank You to Alan and Gilbert for doing a great job transporting my dad to the doctor’s office. They’re both really polite. My dad wasn't stressed and was smiling thru the whole trip. It gave Mom and I peace of mind. Mom said every time goes smoothly, and she appreciates their kindness and compassion. Thanks, guys.

Myra G. (Jax., FL)

Now, I understand better why the staff likes working for you. Both of you take pride in your company, and it shows; just wished other companies could do the same

Donald C. Jr. (Jax., FL)

They were very good with handling my 90+yr mom from the nursing home to the hospital for an early 5am appointment. The driver even sat with her for a while as they got there early. He picked her up in a brand new wheelchair vehicle. The hospital provided return transport (due to ambulatory requirements), and JAX CARE refunded the return trip cost w/o us even asking. For non-emergency wheelchair transport, I have no problem with JAX CARE

Russell G. (San Francisco, CA)

How lucky for me! I had two fine drivers today. The pick up driver called me twenty minutes before my reserved pick up time which I really appreciated. I was very nervous about my medical procedure and the driver, Andrew, was a good conversationalist and he kept me focused elsewhere. I am an ambulatory client, yet he walked with me into the building, up the elevator and waited until I was checked in. He ensured I had the phone number to alert Jax Care when to return to the medical center to bring me home.

My driver for the ride home arrived within ten minutes of my call. Unfortunately I do not recall his name, but he too was a fine gentleman. He is a college student, as well as, also studying to become an EMT and a firefighter! Again it was a pleasure to spend time with him on the ride home.

This is my second round trip reservation with Jax Care. I would highly recommend their service. They are on time and reliable. I will continue to use their services.

Stacey B

I am excited to do a review on the Company. As a Caregiver of two elderly parents ages 83 and 85, it does my heart well to know that they are in good hands. My experience with JaxCare has been excellent.

Upon each call, the Dispatchers are pleasant, reassuring of the information given and never have I had any issues. I spoke with Albert today and the same caring empathy was shown.

My parents have enjoyed every driver and I have witnessed the compassionate and professionalism with each driver.. I can not remember all the name. Joey and Joshua as of today, however ALL previous drivers are awesome.

My parents are insurers of WellMed and I am happy they have outsourced JaxCare as a service provider.

Thank you and continue the great service, it means so much.
God Bless

Rhonda Boyd, Cornelius Boyd Jr and Ruth Boyd

This is a great service I used your service on 11/11 to go to a doctor appointment in a wheelchair due to a broken fibula and dislocated Ankle. Jose the driver was great he could not do enough for me he really helped me a lot. i have another appointment on 12/12 at 2:15 pm it would be great to request him as my driver again when i make appointment with you. Worth every penny!

– Michael A. Langone

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