Our FAQs about our patient wheelchair transport, stretcher and ambulatory transport in Greater Jacksonville, FL, should answer your questions or call (904) 309-9902

Think of us as your personal healthcare van. We go anywhere, anytime.


JaxCare has specially designed vans for the most secure and safe transportation for people in wheelchairs. No lifts or hydraulics, just an easy comfortable ramp into our specially designed van. Seven-point tie down with comfortable positioning in your private personal ride.

Our ramp limit is 34 inches outside to outside. If needed, we do have wide wheelchairs that can work and can transfer you to.


Since we are non-medical, we are not providing medical advice to any facility or hospital that we are transporting to. This means that as non-medical provider we can offer service at a reduced rate compared to Medical Ambulance. It also means that since we are not communicating to a hospital, we are not providing vitals or are administering aid to a patient. Any type of emergency transport that requires any of the above should require a licensed ambulance with medical personnel in attendance.

Yes. Our vans are designed to accommodate stretcher and wheelchair. Stretcher chairs generally fall into those dynamics. Some chairs may not, keep in mind the ramp width is 34 inches which is our only limitation.

Yes. And, we can transfer you from a hospital directly to a nursing home or to your home, too – in a wheelchair, stretcher or walker?


Ambulatory refers to a patient who is walking with assistance. For instance, a patient may need a cane or walker for balance.

About our caring business

We are dedicated to quality control measures to ensure we get you to the destination on time. When we drop you off for your appointment, we will give you a call back card to use15-20 minutes prior to finishing your appointment. In most all cases we will be waiting for you when you are finished in your Dr. Office or event whatever the case.

We take our patient privacy and safety very seriously. We carefully vet our drivers. Each driver goes through a vigorous training program. Each van is outfitted with three GPS tracking devices to monitor speed, brakes, and acceleration. Cameras. Wheelchairs are securely fastened with a seven-point tie-down. We have monthly team safety meetings to ensure quality control. Our security is medical ambulance level.

You will receive a Guest Card with our phone number on it. We ask that you or someone to call for you approximately 15-20 minutes before you are at your pick-up location – our goal is to be waiting for you!

JaxCare is compassionate about our patients. That is our primary objective. Radio is off so that we can carry on a conversation with you. Driving respectfully and calmly so that you enjoy a smooth ride.

Yes but only through your provider with a pre-arranged transport.

Yes, we service Northeast Florida – even the Southeast – let’s go!


Yes. All children must have a family member or caregiver over 18 in order to be transported. We frequently transport pediatric patients.